Size Guide

  • Our bandanas are designed to be worn with standard collars only (no harnesses). 
  • Each bandana is handmade, so dimensions may vary slightly. However, the collar opening size is never smaller than the indicated value.

  • We highly recommend that you check the current collar width you are using for your dog.  When measuring the collar, please factor in both its width and the thickness. Please also factor in that any tags attached that will also need to be fed through the collar opening. 
  • If unsure, please measure your dog's neck and refer to our chart below:

Size  Collar Opening Neck Size Breed *

XS: 19x12 cm

3.5 cm 28 - 40 cm Chihuahua & most cats

S: 26x16 cm

4 cm
40 - 43 cm
Jack Russell, Pug, Mini Poodle, Cavalier King Charles, Mini Schnauzer

M: 27x18 cm

5 cm 43- 48 cm Beagel, Shiba Inu, Corgi, Cocker Spaniel, Staffy

L: 30x20 cm

5 cm 48 - 56 cm

Labrador, Aussie Shepherd


* Rescues and unknown/ mixed are most welcome. This chart is a guideline only. Please measure your dog's neck size and collar size.